Hey there, I'm Dean, AKA Hollywood Hair Guy

I'm the man behind some of the most famous celebrity hairstyles like Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Katharine McPhee, Leeza Gibbons, Derek Hough, Simon Cowell, Tony Robbins, and Lori Greiner. I'm like the MacGyver of hairstyling -- you never know what I'll pull out of my toolkit. And I just so happen to throw awe-inducing house parties, too. 

From Humble Beginnings

to Hollywood

While I was picking up eggs on the family farm in Iowa, I never imagined I'd be using groundbreaking, cutting edge techniques to create Emmy-nominated styles on national television. But when I landed my dream job in LA with millions of people seeing & judging my work, I learned very quickly that I needed to up my hair game. I invested in myself and my skills to not only keep me current, but a cut above the competition.


Now I'm ready to share all the knowledge and inspiration I've collected over my 30 years of styling to help you uplevel your hair game and become wildly in demand.

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I'll teach you how I’ve created my Emmy nominated looks, including the signature method I’ve developed over the past 30 years.  

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More about me:

Humble Beginnings

I grew up in rural Iowa as the 13th of 15 children! Not lying: Judy, Alice, Dee, Lloyd, Steve, Alan, Mary, Marv, Dick, Deb, Annette, Leon, Randy, Patti and me. Oh, and my parents Paul and Sally! RIGHT?!

Born to Shine

In my first career, I enlisted in the US Army where I earned Soldier of the Year in Fort Hood with the Second Armored Division. I received my first Army Achievement medal within the first six months of enlisting, three more followed later.

Born to Standout

Coming from a huge family, I'm shameless in the self-promotion department – I am starving for attention, of course. I also love to share my gifts and make people feel good. To say my life has been an unpredictable ride is an understatement!

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