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Create your own customized career roadmap that will have you on the road to Hollywood in no time! 

Join me for Your Hollywood Career Roadmap – my free masterclass that will help you determine where in Hollywood is the best fit for you. I’ll share the three most important questions you need to ask yourself before planning a career in the entertainment industry.


What you'll walk away with:

A better understanding of what types of jobs are available

Which area(s) of television are best for you

Location, lifestyle and specialty skills required to rock your new career!

Meet your instructor

7-Time Emmy nominee and Hollywood Hair Guy, Dean Banowetz

Hi, I’m Dean! From working on the family farm in Iowa with my 14 siblings, to the bright lights of Hollywood, I’ve built my reputation & skills to become a key player in the world of cutting-edge & celebrity hairstyling. Throughout my 30 year career, I've developed my technical ability, detailed eye, and a uniquely creative approach to styling. Now I'm ready to spill the tea and share it all with you.


What we’ll cover in the Masterclass: 

Different types of TV opportunities available

How to work in Hollywood without moving to LA

The surprising skills that will make you stand out in each area of television

How to create your customized career roadmap

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